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Slapsticks are a set of chopsticks controlling what and how you eat. Built from stainless, low-carbon steel wrapped in copper-wire Slapsticks’ individual magneticism is controlled by a computersystem supervising the trenchermans eating-order.

Inspired by the mediatronic chopstick showcased in the novel “The Diamond Age” by Neal Stephenson, Slapsticks monitor mainly how fast you are eating – but also what you are eating. Whenever your eating behaviour departs from the computationally optimised diet-plan (COD), Slapsticks enforce a better nutrition by attracting or repelling each other. Is the trencherman still defying the COD, Slapsticks will rise their temperature until unuseable.
Good eating behaviour and food selection is rewarded by supporting the eater magnetically.


Slapsticks are built from low-carbon steel with isolated copper-wire wrapped around it. This setup produces a magnetic field when electric current is applied (Electromagnetism). As with most electromagnets, the magnetic field disappears when the current is turned off. The rear part of the Slapsticks are coated in rubber to ensure a secure grib and savely isolate the copper-wire from the eaters hand.

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